About Lyon’s Tree Service

Lyon’s Tree Service is a full service commercial and residential tree service company providing tree removal, tree trimming, ornamental tree shaping, brush chipping, stump removal (grinding) and wood removal. Established in 1991, Lyon’s Tree Service is owned and operated by ISA Certified Arborist and expert tree climber Mike Lyons. Lyon’s Tree Service is committed to proper tree care and prompt customer service with a focus on nationally recognized arborist and safety standards. Lyon’s Tree Service offers free estimates.

Certified Arborist

Mike Lyons

International Society of Arboriculture Certified ArboristMike Lyons is a Certified Arborist and provides service in tree and stump removal, tree trimming, and tree cutting in Northern CA

Certified Arborist in Northern CA- Mike Lyons - Certificate

Tree Removal

At Lyons Tree Service, we offer safe and affordable tree removal. We have state-of-the-art lifts that provide a very safe and efficient way to work on trees. Trees and limbs over roofs, carports, or buildings, we’re able to rig and lower branches much more safely and quickly than climbing. We save time and you save money.

tree removal services northern ca

Tree Trimming

We offer crown cleaning, dead wood removal, structure pruning, mistletoe removal, hazardous limb removal. We also offer tree shaping and will inspect your trees and give you a sound evaluation of your tree’s needs.

With our state of the art lifts that are 34” wide on tracks with a reach over 65’ we can offer a much better, safer, and more affordable job. Whether trimming for safety or maintenance, or just to clean out the deadwood, we do it all with a thorough job clean up.

tree trimming services northern ca

Stump Grinding

With our several stump grinding machines, we can offer stump grinding services at a fair price. We can get into backyards and tight spots. No matter the stump, we have the machine for the job.

stump grinding services northern ca

What can we do for you?

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Tree Removal

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Tree Trimming

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Stump Grinding

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Client Testimonials

Mike Lyons recently removed 11 trees from my parents’ back and front yards in just over two days. The team was friendly, observed safe practices, and also did an exceptional clean-up job. The price was very reasonable, and my parents were very happy with the service they received. My mom wanted me to write this review for them because she wants to recommend them to others…and she doesn’t have her own yelp account!

P.K., Fresno, CA

I needed a tree and its stump removed in the back yard, and a tree in the front yard thoroughly trimmed back, as well as the roots cut back, as they were impinging on our driveway.

Mike Lyons was very good to work with.  He clearly explained the process he would go through for each project and gave me a very fair and reasonable estimate.

He even offered to trim back some branches of a neighbor’s tree which was overhanging our yard at no extra cost to us.

Mike and his crew were very thorough and respectful, and are a pleasure to work with.  I would highly recommend Lyon’s Tree Service.

Jeff K., Rocklin, CA

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